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VAMPIRE: The Masquerade



                        This is a resume of this chapter. It can be modified later:
  • there is no secondary Ability. They are all bought at normal cost for Abilities (i.e. 3+2XP/level). Some (like Swimming, will be considered exception (i.e. 2+1XPs/level).
  • To add a Speciality, an Attribute/Ability must be at least equal to 4 or more. A Speciality is chosen once and can't be changed after.
  • One can choose a Speciality for an Attribute. This speciality can be an Ability (i.e.: Appearance (Seduction)). The bonus is that every 10 will add another dice who must be rolled and its result added to the Roll results. 1's will be counted as Botches, and 10's will add another dice, and so on... Other possibilities are specialities for Disciplines (i.e.: Charisma (Presence)).
  • One can choose a Speciality for an Ability. Possible examples are Disciplines (Stealth (Obfuscate)), Combos (Firearms (Two-Guns), Firearms (Desert Eagle), or Firearms (Full-Auto)), or even Secondary Abilities (Athletics (Swimming), or Academics (History)). The bonus is a decrease of the difficulty by one.

    This section will be completed later. Feel free to give us your ideas.

List of Abilities considered Secondary:

                        To be considered Secondary, and thus see its costs divided by two, an ability must be specialized in such manner another ability's range incompasses the candidate and much more: For example, Athetics enables someone to jump, run and swim, and much more possibilities. So the Ability Swimming is considered a Secondary Ability.

    Note that crobatics isn't considered Secondary because each level removes damage for falls. In the same way, Seduction is the natural extention of Appearance (As Subterfuge is the natural extension of Manipulation), and can replace both Empathy, Subterfuge and Performance when used to seduce someone (in a sensual/sexual way). So it isn't considered Secondary. The same for Scan, which has some touch of Alertness and some of Investigation...

  • Swimming (T)
  • Climbing (S)
  • Parachuting (S)
  • Scuba (S)
  • Skiing (S)
  • Empathy
  • Sense Deception (T)
  • Expression
  • Poetic Expression (T)
  • Street Wise
  • Haggling (T)
  • Panhandling (T)
  • Scrounging (T)
  • Pick Pocket (S)
  • Sleight of Hand (S)
  • Skills
    Animal Ken
  • Animal Training (S)
  • Falconry (S)
  • Naturalist (K)
  • Crafts
  • Blacksmith (S)
  • Brewing/Distilling (S)
  • Carpentry (S)
  • Jeweler (S)
  • Leatherworking (S)
  • Pottery (S)
  • Etiquette
  • Style (T)
  • Grace (T)
  • Performance
  • Public Speaking (T)
  • Dancing (S)
  • Singing (S)
  • Security
  • Lock Picking (S)
  • Survival
  • Camouflage (S)
  • Fishing (S)
  • Hunting (S)
  • Tracking (S)
  • Knowledges
  • Research (S)
  • Heraldry (K)
  • History (K)
  • Litterature (K)
  • Computer
  • Computer Hacking
  • Finances
  • Accounting (K)
  • Economics (K)
  • Investigation
  • Search (T)
  • Medicine
  • First Aid (S)
  • Forensics (K)
  • Occult
  • Alchemy (K)
  • Astology (K)
  • Theology (K)
  • Science
  • Astronomy (K)
  • Biology (K)
  • Chemistry (K)
  • Electronics (K)
  • Engineering (K)
  • Geology (K)
  • Mathematics (K)
  • Metallurgy (K)
  • Meteorology (K)
  • Physics (K)
  • Toxicology (K)

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    For more information about the Abilities and Secondary Abilities, please read the Vampire Player Guide, p37-67, and of course, read the main rulebook: Vampire: The Masquerade, Revised Edition, p119-129.
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