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                    Welcome, you who had the courage to walk beyond the fear that would have saved your very soul... It's already too late, so enjoy your final trip... Till the end...

                    Welcome to the official homepage of the Légions d'Augias. We are proud to present you the results of years of Role-Playing Gaming. You will find there our sourcebooks for the Role-Playing Games we play, informations about ourselves and, of course, our Chronicles and Campaign files.

                    The ''Légions d'Augias'', in english, the Augias' Legions, is a french Role-playing & Wargaming club in Noisy-le-Sec, near Paris.

                    Feel free to explore this Homepage, and Email us your comments.

Raoul ''paercebal'' Borges

World of Darkness World of Darkness
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      This strange and fascinating world created by White Wolf Game Studio is, since years, the most liked background for our players. You will find there the Paris, la nuit..., as well as Chronicles, new Bloodlines, Sects, Disciplines, etc.. Note that this part of the LdA have been sanctionned as a Dark Spiral Site by White Wolf.

AD&D Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
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      Created long, long ago by T.S.R., this system made young people dream about wonderful worlds, about wonderful stories of warriors and magicians fighting evil dragons. While the rule system is now so outdated some wonder if it shouldn't be placed under Public Domain legal status, the worlds created by T.S.R. for AD&D are still fascinating...

Ashland Ashland by Night
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      One guy called Fred Hirsch created with friends Ashland by Night a Chat where you can role-play World of Darkness denizens in a very beautiful and complex background, created by both Storytellers and players. You will find there informations about some Administrators, Power-Users as well as simple players who breath (un)life to the greatest World of Darkness Chat in the Web. Note that the Page's graphics are reason enough to visit it!

Sign our Guestbook!!! Guestbook
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      You like (disliked?) our Homepage? You want to make a comment? Please sign our Guestbook!

Links Web Links
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      We present you there the Homepages often visited by us, as well as links to the official pages of the companies whose products were used to build our sourcebooks and other documents.

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      Perhaps you would like to copy our HomePage on your own computer. You will find here useful informations about the configuration of our Homepage's files.

Copyrights Copyrights
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      We uses a lot of products created by others in this page. While we try to put in each revelant page the credits for the creators, sometimes, errors can still be made, and we forget... You will find general informations about the copyrights there, as well as links and Emails (if possible) for you to discover more about the companies and the creators...

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