Updated: 24 October 1998
Black Widow Production

                    Black Widow Creation was created to protect our publications from unauthorized uses, as per the international laws concerning creation ownership. Most or our products are based upon products from other companies, and they (and only they) have the right to uses these products as they see fit.

We don't want money. Unless written otherwise, our products are made for free, by fans for fans, under the conditions our ownership is not challenged. You can copy them for your own personnal use. You can even copy a part of it to your own Home Page if and only if you have been authorized by us to do so. We don't ask a lot: Only a link to our Home Page in any page containing our works, the name of the author and, of course a link to our page in your link page should you have any.

You can use the following logo to create the link. You can modify its size and proportion (as long as the general visual is not modified), but can't alter it. It's a 16-color GIF image, so you won't need to decrease its color numbers to decrease hard disk memory.

Black Widow Production Symbol

If you have some doubts about Intellectual Property, please consult the Home Page of the World Intellectual Property Organization, and for the exact files where everything is explained, in French, in English and in spanish.

Raoul 'paercebal' Borges

P.S.: While their names have been written in each creation, the names of the principal authors of Black Widow Creation are given here:

Check out Legions d'Augias online at http://www.augias.org/,
& http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/1903/,

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